Our Products


Superior Rock Bit Company currently manufactures 12 ¼”, , 13 3/4", 15” and 16” three-Cone Rotary sealed bearing Drill Bits.

  • Made in the USA with US made Steel
  • 12 ¼”, 13 3/4", 15” and 16” Sizes
  • Tungsten Carbide inserts
  • Sealed for life Bearing -- no field service needed
  • Synthetic Formulated Grease
  • Different degrees of Shirttail/leg protection to ensure the bit stands up to conditions without needlessly increasing cost by using unneeded features
  • Standard API specification thread or BECO thread available
  • Only premium Bushings & and Bearings used
  • Continuous Improvement philosophy in Design and Manufacturing



  • Entering our fifth decade of existence as same entity. We will be there for customers tomorrow.
  • Rapid response to changing customer demands and conditions.
  • Custom designs available

We work with our customers to reduce your Drilling Expenses by:

  • Continually monitor on site conditions to ensure the best rock bit is used for your current conditions.
  • Adjusting carbides to meet the needs of customers as their conditions change; custom carbide grades can be obtained for problem drilling areas with quick turnaround. Our field service representatives have years of industry field experience to recognize when this is applicable.
  • Working with you and your drillers to obtain longer bit runs through education and consultation.


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